All the democratic countries in the world 

should confront China as a whole.

23rd Nov. 2020 (Mon・National Holiday) 15:30~16:30 
Hakata-guchi exit, Hakata Station, Fukuoka-city, Japan

Anti-Chinese Communist party  

Standing Demo (Speech Rally) 


Never invite Xi Jinping to Japan as a state guest  

Abolition of HK National Security Law

Uighurs’ Lives also matter

Opposition to Japanese government’s economic policy of depending on a large number of Chinese tourists


Resignation of Japanese ruling party’s secretary-general Nikai(二階), a pro-Chinese extremist


Protest to persecution of Uighurs, Tibetans, and Mongolians

Taiwan is never Chinese Taipei. But Taiwan is Taiwan, an independent country.


Protest to invasion of territorial waters around the Senkaku-Islands inside Japan


Start construction of Japan’s port facilities on the Senkaku-Islands


Protest to the construction of artificial islands into the South China Sea, virtually Chinaese air base 


Withdrawal from WHO, the virtual puppet of China
                                                                       (WHO a puppet of China, says Trump)


Immediate release Japanese people unfairly detained on suspicion of spying


Enactment of law banning foreigners from purchasing land in Japan


Claim the gigantic damage caused by the terrible spread of novel corona virus (COVID-19) triggered by China’s conspiration of trying to hide seriousness of the virus at the first stage


Protest to the persecution of Falun Gong(法輪功)


Crack down Confucius Institutes(孔子学院) established in Japan


Protest to Chinese language imposition across the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (NHK news on TV / YouTube)
(ANN news on TV/YouTube)

and so on ……

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We are very glad the materials are spread or used somewhere. 

Japanese economy depends on trade with China and Chinese tourists too much.
China always has an advantage of negotiations with foreign countries, holding economy as hostage.
In these 15 years Japan continued increasing the trade and Chinese tourists at an accelerating rate.
As a result if one day China stops them Japan will be driven into a corner.
In short Japan has made its own weakness which China can utilize bigger and bigger.
Japan has been digging its own grave.
Japan should stop such a foolish economical activities like this as soon as possible.

Possible participants should kindly send us e-mails from our homepage or DM to our twitter account in advance.



Within the time of demo I hope as many participants as possible make a speech.
Please insist what you want!

(Please refrain from obvious hate speech.) 


We recommend you to use nickname instead of your real name in the anti-CCP campagin.

Hong Kongers, Uighurs and Tibetans with Chinese Nationality are awfully dangerous to reveal their identity.

Especially Hong Kongers should hide themselves with masks, sunglasses and caps thoroughly because of vicious National Security Law.

If national security law is left as it is, it means the world approve current dictatorship China.

It’s the time world’s democracy succumb to Dictatorship.

If national security law is left as it is, it means the world approve China is O.K. to continue human rights violation as it did so far.

The world can do nothing but accept China’s outrage.

Because now China has obtained the world No.2 economy and the world No.2 military power.

Within a several years China will overtake America and become the world No.1 country on the economy and military power.

At that time democracy all over the world will shrink and Repression of human rights will be carried out in public.

We should try to prevent China from getting richer than now.

But what we trivial normal citizens can do is limited.

Maybe only this one.


Boycott Chinese Goods



You don’t have to overdo it.

To the extent possible is very welcome.

Because it’s absolutely impossible to avoid Chinese Goods 100%.

The border conflicts are getting fierce between India and China.

On the background of world No.2 military power China killed several dozens of Indian Soldiers.

India has got furious of anger.

India is also flooded with Chinese products, but so many Indians are serious to boycott China.


Now what china hates to be done the most is


Not only in India but outside of India

Campaign of Boycott Chinese Goods also takes place.


Let’s make it true in Japan.

Will you give your hands a little bit?

We have already got the permission for this standing demo (speach rally) 
from  Central station 
of the Fukuoka-prefecture police.

Strict Censorship on the Internet

If you agree with our opinion, please help us to spread the information of this demo.
When we tweet opinions unfavorable toward CCP, they are likely to be obstructed to be boosted.
by what-is-called “Shadow Ban.”Or sometimes accounts are frozen.
For example most of illustrations on this homepage are the targets of Shadow Ban.
If you try to copy and paste on your own account on twitter, you will encounter it.
20 years ago it is said that the time when even an individual can spread information all over the world had come. but now it is just a good old day story.(Although the area of entertainment or hobby and the area of politics are totally different.)
I mean censorship on the internet is prevalent pretty much.
We anti-Chinese Communist Party activists are in adversity.
So please give your hands and help us to spread the information of this demo.




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